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The Sample Guestbook Entry

Name: Benzene265
Homepage: The Skin Makers Club
How'd you get here?: Well, in 1979, my parents got married and...Oh you mean to the webpage!
Comments: Wow! What lovely Yahoo! Messenger skins you made As a fellow skin designer, I thought you would be interested in joining the Skin Makers club, a club for people interested in creating and using Yahoo! Messenger skins. Check it out today!

I have 2 pics for leaving in guestbooks. You can either place them in your own directory or remote load them out of this one. Tripod hasn't made any anti-remote loading programs, yet so it should work.

The first one is in the sample guestbook entry, its html code is
<img src="">

This is the second one
Its code is
<img src="">

If you make your own, you can send it to me and I'll post it here for everyone to use. And remember, no spamming. If someone else already left the message, then there's no need to post it again.