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Welcome to my other Yahoo! Messenger skin page. Some of you may already know my work from Yahoo! Revenge Skins. As twisted as I am, I just don't come up with Revenge Skins all the time and it just didn't feel right to hoard those nice skins on my hard drive and not show them, I mean share them with the internet community.
To download a skin, first make sure you have Winzip and Yahoo! Messenger Next, click on the Download Me link. Save and unzip your file in C:/Program Files/Yahoo!/Messenger/skins/filename. (note: If you don't have Windows, and it's different for you, tell me about it.)

This site is new, so I don't have much up yet. I do update sometimes, so be sure to check back.

Click on a Category and get magically wisked away to a page with Messenger skins on it.

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